Event 2012

  • March 30, Professor Toyoko Imae gave a lecture in National Cheng Kung University.


  • Professor Toyoko Imae received an Academic Award from Helical Science Society, Japan  日本ヘリカルサイエンス学会学術賞 “International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists”


  • Honorable Japanese Emperor Akihito talks  with Professor Toyoko Imae at International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists conference (IACIS 2012) May 13-18, Sunday, 2012 Sendai, japan


  • Professor Toyoko Imae  delivered a lecture in Nano-Formulation 2012, Barcelona, Spain, May 28-June 1



  • A Lecture by a Foreign Scientist 

 Lecture delivered by Dr. Daisuke Onoshima, Designated Assistant Professor, FIRST Research Center for Innovative Nanobiodevices Nagoya University, Japan 
Date: June 13 (Wed), 2012 
Lecture title: Single-molecule analytical and bioanalytical measurements on a chip


  • July 1st, new Master student Mr. Jack joined in Professor Toyoko Imae ‘s research group.


  • Four Master students graduated from Professor Toyoko Imae ‘s research group in July.


  • Professor Hidemitsu Furukawa and his research group’s member will be visit from Yamagata University, Japan  at September 24 (Monday), 2012 Visitors:
    Prof. Hidemitsu Furukawa with his 5 research member
    教授 古川英光、特任助教 宮瑾
    M2 室井 寿人、和田 真人 M1 山田 直也、渡邉 洋輔


  •  Professor Hidemitsu Furukawa and his research group’s member with Professor Toyoko Imae

  • Professor Toyoko Imae delivered a plenary lecture in World Congress on Oleo Science & 29th ISF Congress at Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan, on September 30 – October 4, 2012


  • Professor Toyoko Imae with Dr. Osamu Shimomura, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2008






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