Masaki Ujihara


Masaki Ujihara, PhD

Birth day: 1970.9.24 / Male

Citizenship: Taiwan        Nationality: Japan

Associate professor
Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


February 2006
PhD in Science, Nagoya University, Aichi/Japan
Major in Physical Chemistry

January-March 2004
Research in Miami University, Miami/USA
The 21st Century COE Program (No. 14 COEB01-00) of Nagoya University for financial support of a research assistant fellowship

April 2002-March 2005
PhD candidate in Science, Nagoya University, Aichi/Japan
Major in Physical Chemistry

April 1994-March 1996
Master’s course in Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto/Japan
Major in Wood Chemistry

April 1990-March 1994
Bachelor program in Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto/Japan
Concentration in Wood Chemistry

Work Experience

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, as an associate professor

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, as an assistant professor

Keio University, as a doctoral research fellow

Keio University, as a doctoral research fellow

Hitec co. (leave of absence 2002-2005)


Research History

2009-present: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Nano-architecture design for green materials using carbon-nanotubes and nanoparticles

2007-2009: Keio University
Interaction between detergents and lipid mixtures, observation of characteristic swelling process of the mixtures

2002-2005: PhD course
Fabrication of dendrimer/metal-nanoparticle hybrid film with LB method, designing a bifunctional monolayer with metal surface and dendrimer-modified surface

R&D of detergents for mild shampoo and body-wash, mainly synthesis process
R&D of methacrylates and manufacturing process of them

1994-1996: Master’s course
Synthesis of model compounds of lignin, and designing a novel cleavage method of them at a mild condition for efficient pulping process

Research Interests

  • Shape-controlling of nanoparticles, fabrication of nanofibers
  • Hybridization of nanomaterials, e.g. core-shell structures, surface modification, and combination of different materials
  • Mass-production of nano-materials with eco-friendly and low cost process
  • Organic-inorganic nano-composites, sol-gel method
  • Reinforcement of bulk-materials with nano-materials for high-strength
  • Ordered structures of nano-materials on/in polymer films to utilize their functions (transparency, conductivity and so on)
  • Energy devices (e.g. solar battery) with nano-structures that have optimized structures for energy transfer pathway consisted of nano-fibers, nanoparticles and the others
  • Mesoporous materials for filtration systems



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Journal articles

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International activity


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