Professor Toyoko Imae (Japan, 2009.4.1 ~) was born in Japan. She joined the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, as honorary chair professor in April 2009, immediately after retiring from Keio University, Japan. She is also professor emeritus of Nagoya University, Japan, since 2006 and a Specially-Appointed professor of Yamagata University (iFront Doctoral Program), Japan. Her major research areas are the fabrication, functionalization, and physicochemical investigation of nanomaterials, including polymers, nanoparticles, carbon materials, minerals and their composites. Her recent research target is a “Nanoarchitecture and Nanotechnology” towards energy, environmental and biomedical sciences. Prof. Imae has published about 310 peer-reviewed journal articles, 25 reviews, 20 patents and 27 book chapters. She also edited three books of Advanced Chemistry of Monolayers at Interfaces: Trends in Methodology and Technology (2007), Neutrons in Soft Matter (2011) and Skin Bioscience: A Molecular Approach (2014). She has been conferred several awards as represented by “Promising Scientist Award of The Society of Japanese Women Scientists” (1999). She also contributes to the academic advancement as typified by a president of Asian Society for Colloid and Surface Science from 2013. Prof. Imae was an executive member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy in Japan and a member of International Experts Council (IEC) of the Republic of Kazakhstan and she is now a member of the Science Council of Japan.

i) Postdoctoral research fellows

  1. Astrid Rahmawati (Astrid)

ii) Students 

A)  Ph.D.:

  1. Habtamu Fekadu (Habte)
  2. Shibiru Yadeta (Shibe)
  3. Tesfaye Abebe (Tesfish)
  4. Misganu Chewaka (Misge)
  5. Do Thi Anh Thu (Thu)
  6. Nattinee Krathumkhet (Mint)
  7. Getachew Feyissa (Gecho)
  8. Minale Belay Getahun (Minie)
  9. Tamasgen Fikadu Yadeta (Tame)

B) Master students:

  1. 蔡宇翔 (Tsai Yu Shiang) (Andy)
  2. 黃一守 (Huang Yi-Shou) (Benny)
  3. 馬宇謙 (Ma Yu Chien) (Aaron)
  4. Shambel Abate (Shambe)
  5. 簡宸熙 (Chien Chen Hsi) (ChaunCey) 
  6. 蔡宜潔 (Cai Yi Jie) (Queenie)
  7. Partheeban Chinnamuthu (Parthee)
  8. Fitriani Jati Rahmania (Fitri)
  9. Nguyen Duong Tuan Anh (Tuan Anh)

C) Undergraduate student:

  1. Danny Willy Aditia (Danny)

Assistant professors
iii)Former members

– Professor. Fu Han Ho (2010.9.1~2012-07-31)

iv) Postdoctoral research fellow

  1.  Jadab Sharma (2007.10.1-2009.2.28)
  2. Indrajit Shown (2009.4.1~2010.3.31)
  3. Nabakumar Pramanik (2010.3.12-2011.3.11)
  4. Putta Prashanti (2010.6.1-2011.5.31)
  5. Walid Mohamed Rashad Mohamed Daoush (2011.4.8-2011.7.4)
  6. KPO Mahesh (2011.9.30-2012.08.31) 
  7. Prasannan A (2011.11.01-2013.02.4)
  8. Saravanan Chinnusamy(2012.9.30-2013.04.2)
  9. Balu Krishnakumar (2012.10.1-2013.09.30)
  10. Kiran B M (2012.7.15-2013.09-30)
  11. Bendi Ramaraju (2012.11.01-2013.09-30)
  12. Reddy P.Prasad (2012.7.15-2013.12-31)
  13. Ampornphan Siriviriyanun (2009.10.1-2014.9.15)
  14. Kinjal J. Shah (2015.08.1-2016.7.31)
  15.  Dr.Karnthidaporn Wattanakul (Anne) (Feb. 2016 ~ Nov.06~2016)
  16. Dr. Bala (Feb 2015 – Jan 2018)
  17. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed  (Sep. 2016 – Jul. 2018)
  18. Dr. Mekuriaw Assefa (May 2018 -Feb 2019) 
  19. Dr. Mayanglambam Manolata Devi (Mano) ( May 2018- May 2019)   
  20. Dr. Jenny (張家綺) (Chiang Chia Chi)  (Sept. 2017- Sept. 2019)

1) Prashanta Dhoj Adhikari; PhD student (2007.8.1 ~ 2010.7.31)
2) 李志軒 (Lee Chih Hsuan) (Lee); Master student (2010.9.1~ 2012.07-08)
3) Hong-Wei; Master student (2010.9.1~ 2012.07-08)
4) 廖紹宏 (Liao Chao Hong) (Liao); Master student (2010.9.1~ 2012.07-08)
5) 吳泳翰 (Wu Yong Hang) (Larry); Master student (2010.9.1~ 2012.07-08)
6) Dang Minh-Nhut; Master student (2010.9.1~ 2012.07-08)
7) Yakub Fam (Jacob); Master student (2010.9.1~ 2012.07-08)
8) 徐敏軒 (Hsu Ming Hsuan) (Kid); Master student(2011.9.1~ 2013.07-31)
9) 李俊緯
(Lee Gene Wei) )(Frank); Master student (2011.9.1~ 2013.07-31)
10) 蔡雅如
(Cai Ya Ru)(Patrizia); Master student (2011.9.1~ 2013.07-31)
11) Faiza Maryani; Master student (2011.9.1~ 2013.07-31)
12) M. M. M. Ahmed; Master student (2011.9.1~ 2013.07-31)
13) Marina Popova; Master student (2012.2.1~ 2013.07-31)
李聖儒 (Li Sheng Ru) (Jack); Master student (2012.9.1~ 2014.01-31)
15) 張家綺 (Chiang Chia Chi) (Jenny); Master student (2012.9.1~ 2014.07-31)
16) 黃正昌 (Huang Zheng Chang) (Jeff) ; Master student (2012.9.1~ 2014.07-31)
17) 李安湘 (Li An Xiang) (Evan) ; Master student (2013.2.1~ 2014.07-31)
18) Yohan Widjaja (Yohan) ; Master student (2012.9.1~ 2014.07-31)
Julius Candrawan (Julius); Master student (2012.9.1~ 2014.07-31)
20) 董妮鑫
(Dong Ni Xin) (Reta) ; Master student (2014.2.1~ 2015.01-31)
21) 黃偉志 (Huang Wei Zhi) (Peter) ; Master student (2014.2.1~ 2015.01-31)
22) Kinjal Shah; PhD student (2012.9.12 ~ 2015.7.31)
23) 謝蕙菱 (Xie Hui Ling) (Niki); Master student (2013.9.1~2015.7.31)
24) 許宇萱
(Xu Yu Shen) (Grace); Master student (2013.9.1~2015.7.31)
25) 劉加毅 (Liu Jia Yi) (Eddy); Master student (2013.9.1~2015.7.31)
26) M. M. M. Ahmed; PhD student (2013.9.1 ~ 2016.7.31)
27) 蘇進豪 (Watson); Master student (2014.9.1~2016.7.31)
28) 郭政諭 (Kyrie); Master student (2014.9.1~2016.7.31)
29)  Ni’matut Tamimah (Atut); Master student (2014.9.1~2016.7.31)
30) Karen Sabrina Asiku (Karen); Master student (2015.2.1~2016.7.31)

31) Alen, Master student, graduated in January 2017

32) Phil, Master student, graduated in January 2017

33) 張家綺 (Chiang Chia Chi) (Jenny), PhD student, graduated in January 2017

34) Mekuriaw Assefa, PhD student, graduated in January 2018

35) Kukuh Wicaksono (Kukuh), Master student, graduated in January 2018

36) Juwita Herlina Riskawati (Juwita), Master student, graduated in January 2018

37) 謝欽智 (Xie Qin Zhi) (James), Master student, graduated in July 2018

38) 饒展螢 (Rao Zhan Ying) (Mark), Master student, graduated in July 2018

39) 黃子庭 (Huang Ziting) (Derek), Master student, graduated in July 2018

40) Thirayu Chuesutham (Ohm), Master student, graduated in July 2018

41) Andree Soendoro (Andree), Master student, graduated in July 2018

42) Mulugeta Tesema, PhD student, graduated in January 2019

43) Liliana Theresia (Lili), Master student, graduated in January 2019

44) Nattinee Krathumkhet (Mint), Master student, continued PhD as fast track in January 2019

45) Ton Anh Khoa (Kevin), PhD student, graduated in July 2019

45) 石創輔 (Shih, Chuang-Fu) (Strong), Master student, graduated in July 2019 

46) 陳彥蓉 (Chen Yan Rong) Shannon, Master student, graduated in July 2019

47) 高政寓 (Kao, Cheng Yu) Joe, Master student, graduated in July 2019

48) Andargachew Mekonnen (Andu), Master student, graduated in July 2019

49) Erik Budi Santiko (Erik), Master student, graduated in January 2020

50) Edo Indra Permana (Edo), Master student, graduated in January 2020

Student’s activity (2014-2016)


1. March 27-30, 2014 Annual meeting of Chemical Society of Japan, Asian countries symposium, Ampornphan Siriviriyanun and Toyoko Imae, Advanced non-fluorinated coating materials with anti-fingerprint property on solid surfaces (Invited talk by Ampornphan Siriviriyanun).

2. July, 11- 2014, Annual Meeting of the Chinese Colloid and Interface Society, Tainan, Taiwan, Chia-Chi Chang and Toyoko Imae, Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Confeito-like Gold Nanoparticles on Amine-surface Substrates (Poster presentation by Chia-Chi Chang).


3. August 10-14, 2014, 248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, held in San Francisco, CA, USA,  Shah, K. J.; Shukla, A. D.; Imae, T.; Shah, D. O., Controlled Water and Oil Penetration of Organically Modified Clays by Choice of Cationic Surfactants with Variety of Substituents. (Poster Presentation by Kinjal Shah).


4. Nov. 23-25, 2014, Nanocatalysis and Nanomaterials for Green Technologies. (ICNNGT) Taipei, Taiwan,  Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed, Masaki Ujihara and Toyoko Imae, Massive exfoliation of Magnetic graphene. (Poster presentation by M. M. M. Ahmed, Best Poster Award (Gold)).



5. June 23-25, 2015, International Conference on Nanospace Materials (ICNM), held at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Shah, K. J.; Shukla, A. D.; Imae, T., Interlayer Swelling and Molecular Packing in Organoclays. (Poster Presentation by Kinjal Shah).


6. July 22-24, 2015, International Conference of Colloids and Interface Science, Taipei, Taiwan, Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed, Masaki Ujihara and Toyoko Imae, Production of Magnetic Graphene with Enhanced Electrochemical Properties. (Poster presentation by M. M. M. Ahmed, Excellent Poster Award).


7. Oct. 04-09, 2015, 66thAnnual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Taipei, Taiwan,  Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed, Masaki Ujihara and Toyoko Imae, Nondestructive exfoliation of magnetic graphene towards energy applications. (Poster presentation by M. M. M. Ahmed, Student Poster Award).


8. Oct. 11-15, 2015, 228thThe Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Toyoko Imae, Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed, and Masaki Ujihara, Nondestructive exfoliation of magnetic graphene towards energy applications. (Oral presentation by M. M. M. Ahmed).

ecs-39. Sept. 21-23, 2016,The 2016 International Conference on Electrochemical Technologies (2016-ICGET), Taipei, Taiwan. Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed and Toyoko Imae, Electrochemical Properties of Thermally Expanded Magnetic Graphene Composites with a Conductive Polymer. The best Oral award was awarded to Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed.


10. Sept. 21-23, 2016,The 2016 International Conference on Electrochemical Technologies (2016-ICGET), Taipei, Taiwan. Bala Murugan and Toyoko Imae “Hydrogen evolution reaction efficiency by carbon material loaded platinum nanoparticles protected by dendrimer” Poster presentationbala

11. Dec 22~25, 2016, Chia-Chi Chang and Mekuriaw Assefa joined GREEN “Global Research efforts on Energy and Nanomaterials” Conference at Taipei Tech 

12. 3-8 November, 2019, OKINAWA COLLOIDS 2019, An International Conference on Colloid & Surface Science Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Okinawa, Japan.  Yi-Shou Huang and Toyoko Imae, Loading of hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs on magnetite-functionalized carbon nanohorns for combination therapy. (Poster presentation by Yi-Shou Huang (Benny)).
  • Collaboration research:
  1. Nov. 5, 2015, dispatch for collaboration research at Institut Charles Sadron, France, under MOST PHC ORCHID program with Prof. Marie Pierre Krafft (by 張家綺
  2. Sep. 4-Nov. 30, 2019, dispatch for collaboration research at Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC), under Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) program, Barcelona, Spain with Prof. Carlos Rodríguez-Abreu (by Nattinee Krathumkhet and Do Thi Anh Thu)
  • Summer school program:
  1. July 27-August 8 2015, participation in a class at summer school program in Tokushima University (by Karen Sabrina Asiku)


  • Award: 
  1. Nov. 24-25, 2014, Best Poster Award (Gold)in The International Conference on Nanocatalysts and Nanomaterials for Green Technologies (ICNNGT) Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed
  2. July 22-24, 2015, Excellent Poster Award (ICCIS) Conference,Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed
  3. Aug. 7, 2015, Best Oral Presentation at summer school 2015 in Tokushima University, Karen Sabrina Asiku.
  4. Oct. 4-9, 2015 Student Poster Prize in the 66th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed
  5. Sept. 21-23, 2016 Best Oral Award in the 2016 International Conference on Electrochemical Technologies (2016-ICGET) was awarded to Mahmoud M. M. Ahmed.