Activity in (2009.4.1~2010.12.31)

Activity: Toyoko Imae, Chair Professor (2009.4.1~2010.12.31)

International Academic activity

2010.11.26 Chairperson of organizing committee of International Workshop on “Novel Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for “Science for Human” (2010)”, Taiwan Tec, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 International examiner, PhD degree of Srabanti Dhosh, Jadavpur University, India.

2010 a reviewer for the evaluation of a tenured track assistant professor position in the Department of Engineering and System Science of National Tsing Hua University located at Taiwan.

2010 a member of the panel of experts for the purpose of evaluation of candidates for faculty positions in Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan

2010~  International Editorial Board of Journal of the Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers(JCIE) in the Republic of China (Taiwan)

2010~ 世界化学年日本委員会委員 International Year of Chemistry 2011

2009~ WFEO(世界工学団体連盟)Woman in Engineering and Technology(WiE)委員会委員

2009~  Editorial Board of Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotchnology,

2006~2009 Member of International Experts Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2003~ Journal of Surface Science and Technology : Editorial Adviser

1993~ American Chemical Society “Langmuir” :advisory board

Conference and Lecture

(1)   International Conference on Hightech Materials, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 2009/2/11 2009/2/13 (invited talk)

Synthesis and Application of Functional Mesoporous Silica toward Molecular Recognition

(2)   The annual meeting of Taiwan Colloid and Interface Society, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, Taiwan Colloid and Interface Society, 2009/5/21 (invited talk)

Fabrication of core-shell soft matters and their specific molecular recognition

(3)   International Dendrimer Symposium 6, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm, 2009/6/14 2009/6/18 (invited talk)

How Do PAMAM Dendrimers Emit Fluorescence?

(4)   CMC workshop (研究会) 工学院大学新宿校舎, 2009/6/24  

材料としてのCMCの展望 (invited talk)

(5)   高分子討論会, 熊本, 日本 2009/9/16 2009/9/18 


(6)   The 3rd Asian Conference on Colloid and Interface Science, Jeju island, Korea 2009/10/11 2009/10/14 Asian Society of Colloid and Surface Sciences (invited talk)

Physicochemical properties of lipid-structuring mixed membrane

(7)   The Second Asian Symposium on Advanced Materials, Fudan University, Shanghai, China 2009/10/11 2009/10/14 (invited talk)

Are Dendritic Polymers Possible to be Advanced Materials?

(8)   Lecture, 2009/10/15, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics

Dendritic Polymer: Advanced Material for Nanotechnology

(9)   1st Asian Polymer Congress

Surface functionalization and hybridization of carbon micro coils

Masaki Ujihara, Prashanta Dhoj Adhikari, and Toyoko Imae

(10)           Lecture, 2009/11/4, 2009, National Taiwan Universitry, Taipei

Dendritic Polymer: Advanced Nanomaterial for Nanotechnology

(11)           Lecture, Nov. 5, 2009, National Yang Ming University

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology toward Drug Delivery Systems

(12)           International Symposium on Nano Science and Technology (ISNST), Tainan, 2009/11/20 2009/11/21 (invited talk)

Nanotechnological Fabrication of Hierarchical Structures of Dendritic Polymers

(13)           Lecture, Yung Chi Paint (永記造漆), Tainan, Taipei, 2010/2/1

Analysis of Acrylic Copolymer Using Systematical Methods Including NMR, IR, GC, GPC, Mass, and Thermopyrolysis

(14)           東京工業大学男女共同参画講演会 2010/2/15 (invited talk)

(15)           名古屋大学男女共同参画女性研究者交流会 2010/3/5 (invited talk)

(16)           International Conference on Nanomaterials:  Synthesis Characterization and Applications (ICN2010), Kattayam, Kerala, India 2010/4/26-29 (invited talk)

Fabrication of metal particles with unique shapes

(17)           Lecture, NTUST, under graduate course, department of Chemical Engineering 2010/5/5

(18)           高分子学会年会, 横浜, 日本 2010/5/26-28  

Characteristic Reinforcement of Functionalized CMC-embedded PVA Films

(19)           Lecture, NTUST, graduate course, department of Chemical Engineering 2010/6/2

What is Dendrimer? Advanced Nanomaterial for Nanotechnology

(20)           NanoFormulation 2010, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010/6/9-11 (invited talk)

Advanced Fabrication of Smart Nanomaterials Toward Drug Delivery Systems

(21)           Lecture, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, 2010/6/10  

Nanotechnological Fabrication of Hierarchical Structures of Dendritic Polymers as Advanced Materials

(22)           The 11th Trends in Nanotechnology, Braga, Portugal, 2010/9/6-10

Fabrication of silica hollow microcoils with mesoporous walls,

Carlos Rodríguez-Abreu, Neus Vilanova, Conxita Solans, Masaki Ujihara, Toyoko Imae, and Seiji Motojima

(23)           Colloids and Nanotechnologies in Industry 2010, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2010/9/20-21

Toyoko Imae, (invited talk)

Fabrication of metallic nanoparticles with various shapes and their hybrids

― towards incorporation to reactors, sensors and machines ―

(24)           18th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution (SIS2010), Melbourne, Australia, 2010/11/14-19 (invited talk)

Damage/Recovery by Additive on Lipid Membrane as a Mimicry of Human Stratum Corneum

(25)           18th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution (SIS2010), Melbourne, Australia, 2010/11/14-19 (invited talk)

Successive investigation of surfactant assemblies

(26)           Lecture, National Taiwan University, Department of Chemistry, 2010/11/25

Photocatalytic Activity of surface-modified TiO2 and TiO2 core-shell nanoparticles

Publications (journals)

1)Recent Advances in Fabrication of Anisotropic Metallic Nanostructures, Jadab Sharma and Toyoko Imae, J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 9, 19-40 (2009) (Review)

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14) Visual observation of selective elution of components from skin-mimetic lipid membrane, Xiaojuan Wang, Masaki Ujihara, Toyoko Imae, Takuya Saiwaki, Akira Ishikubo, and Tooru Okamoto, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2010, 81, 174-177 (2010), doi:10.1016/j.colsurfb.2010.07.007

15) Damage/Recovery by Additive on Lipid Membrane as a Mimicry of Human Stratum Corneum, Yan Zhu, Toyoko Imae, Takuya Saiwaki and Takashi Oka, Langmuir, 26, 4951–4957 (2010).

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20) Visual observation and characterization of fluorescent poly(amido amine) dendrimer in film state, Govindachetty Saravanan and Toyoko Imae, J. Nanosci. Nanotech. In press

21) Visual observation of avidin-biotin affinity by fluorescent G4.5 poly(amidoamine) dendrimer, Govindachetty Saravanan,­ Kenji Daigo, Toyoko Imae, and Takao Hamakubo, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 83 (2011) 58–60.

Publication (book chapter)

1)      Mesophase Morphologies of Silicone Block Copolymers in a Selective Solvent Studied by SAXS, Dietrich Leisner, Md. Hemayet Uddin, M. Arturo López-Quintela, Toyoko Imae and Hironobu Kunieda, Self-Organized Surfactant Structures, edited by Tharwat F. Tadros, 161-174, 2010


1)      皮膚角層細胞間脂質擬似基板及びこれを用いた肌荒れの評価方法(日本)特開2010-169653、才脇 卓也、岡 隆史、森 雄一郎、今栄東洋子、Xiaojuan Wang 、氏原 真樹 2010.8.5

2)      肌荒れを修復する美容方法 (日本) 特開2010-189300岡 隆史、才脇 卓也、今栄東洋子、Yen Zhu 株式会社資生堂、学校法人慶應義塾 2010.9.2


1)      2009/6/10 Award of Ministry of Environment for local environmental protection service (Japan) 地域環境保全功労者環境大臣表彰